Rotoiti Farmhouse

About the farm

The farm can run Certified Organic sheep, cattle and 4,000 laying hens providing a diverse but complete income. The farmhouse, the 3 bedroom cottage and all the farm buildings are nestled in a peaceful and sheltered valley, surrounded by rolling hills. 3,000 pine trees assure the property is well into “carbon credit”

Native songbirds populate the 4 acre wood and a variety of waterfowl make the small private lake their home. Fenced into 12 fields stock movement is quite simple. A good set of animal handling yards includes a loading ramp. The laying hens can be housed in 5 purpose built sheds each with their own range and capable processing facillities.  They are the major income source.

The farm is offered as a going concern and we can offer a quad bike, trailer, pick up and numerous tools and equipment as required. A part time shepherd and staff for egg collection are available as needed.


It is being sold as a possible 'turnkey' operation with monthly income and support as required from Roger & Sue Moore - the current owners now gently retiring !